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Looking for a way to be involved with KYRID? Search no further. 

All committees are actively searching for members to join! Contact your committee chair today!


Bylaws Committee

Committee members shall solicit and collect concerns, issues and suggested amendments for consideration and propose updates to the organization’s bylaws as governed by the wishes of the membership and approved by the board of directors.

Fundraising Committee

Committee members shall solicit, collect and implement suggestions for generating financial support for the organizations activities.

CMP Committee

Committee members shall assist, market and educate the organization’s members on procedures for acquiring continued educational units and update its members on any changes to the certification maintenance program developed by RID. A chairperson may be elected to serve as the sponsoring authority for continued education units as defined by RID.

Nominations Committee

Committee members shall market, solicit and generate a list of names of members who are willing and interested in serving on the various committees and other elected capacities within the organization.

A chairperson shall be elected to serve as a representative and liaison between the committee and the board of directors. A. The Nominations Committee shall meet at minimum, three months prior to any general meeting conducting elections.

B. The duties of the Nominations Committee are as such:

     1. Strategize and execute a plan of actions for pre-election activities, including the following: • Draft a proposed slate of nominees, • Verify eligibility of nominees, • Obtain a brief biographical sketch from each nominee and, make available the draft slate and biographical sketches to the secretary for submission to the general membership, along with the official notice of general membership meeting, at least thirty (30) days in advance of any general meetings conducting elections;

     2. Strategize and execute a plan of actions for election activities, including the following: • Confirm a quorum is present, • Set provisions for last minute nominees, i.e. prepare ballots with slate and biography • Count votes by ballot or show of hands, • And, verify results;

     3. The chair of the Nominations Committee shall announce election results.

Conference and Professional Development Committee

Committee members shall solicit and implement planning of statewide conferences and bid to host regional and national conferences. Additionally, committee members shall develop and plan workshops and other professional development activities. The organization’s vice-president shall serve as chairperson for the Conference and Professional Development Committee.

Awards & Scholarships Committee

Committee members shall market, solicit, and collect applicants for awards and scholarships: 1. Carrie Mosley Award - Recipient is an outstanding KyRID member in good standing who has made a major contribution to the organization and the profession of interpreting. 2. Norma Lewis Scholarship - Recipient receives financial support for continuing education in the field of ASL and interpreting.

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