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Certification Maintenance Program (CMP)

The Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) is the vehicle used to monitor the continued skill development of certified interpreters. Certification maintenance is a way of ensuring that practitioners maintain their skill levels and keep up with developments in the interpreting field, thereby assuring consumers that a Certified interpreter provides quality interpreting services. 

Once certified, members must maintain their certification through continuing education, membership in RID, and compliance with the RID Code of Professional Conduct. This is required of all certified members.

Hosting a Workshop

KYRID is an approved Sponsor on behalf of RID's Certification Maintenance Program. We ensure that events meet RID's standards for continuing education and help maintain the database of qualified activities.

To process approval, you will need to submit the following:

  • RID Instructor Form

  • RID Sponsor Form

  • Promotional Materials

    • Must include the KYRID/CMP/ACET logo​s

    • KYRID is an approved RID CMP Sponsor for continuing education activities.  This (PS/GS) program is offered for ______ CEUs and assumes participants will enter with ____________________ Prior Content Knowledge evel.

    • Cancellation/Refund policy

    • Anti-discrimination statement

    • Solicitation for accommodation

  • Educational Agenda​

  • Handouts for the activity

  • Instructor Resume or CV

  • Blank evaluation form, if different than the RID template

  • Payment

    • $5.00 per 0.1 CEU for members​

    • $10.00 per 0.1 CEU for non-members

Please submit these documents in .docx format to at least 45 days in advance of the event.

During the event, you will need to complete:

  • Completed activity report form (Sign in form)

  • Evaluations


After the event, you will need to submit:

  • Sign in sheets/verification of attendance

  • Handouts and slide deck

  • Evaluation summary (including comments)

More Information from RID Certification Maintenance Program

Participants Inititated Non-RID Activities (PINRA)

Participant Initiated Non-RID Activities (PINRA) are formal learning events like workshops or seminars that an interpreter/transliterator wishes to attend, but which are not offered by an RID approved sponsor. The activity must be offered by an organization with specific known standards and must have a clearly defined format, educational objectives, and purpose.


PINRA can include content from almost any domain as long as the applicant can demonstrate a relevance to interpreting work. Find any event that interests you and earn CEUs towards certification or license renewal.


Examples of events that could qualify as a PINRA:

  • Audited college courses

  • Non-credit courses

  • Community education

  • Non-mandatory school district in-services

  • Organizational conventions/workshops


Trainings which are a mandatory part of employment are not eligible for CEUs


PINRA applications must be submitted and approved before the event begins. Please submit your application at least 14 days in advance. Last minute applications may not be approved.

  1. Complete the application below, including payment

  2. Wait for approval

  3. Attend the event

  4. Submit proof of attendance. If your event does not provide a certificate of completion, you will need an email from the presenter or organizer confirming attendance.

All submissions (pre and post activity) should be emailed to

PINRA processing is $5 for members, $25 for non-members.



For more information about what a PINRA is or what you need to do, please visit the RID PINRA Information Page

Academic Coursework

CEUs may be awarded for courses earning college credit taken at an accredited institution during the participant’s current CMP cycle.

The school or institution must be recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Successful completion is defined as receiving a minimum letter grade of “C” (2.0) or above.

The application may be submitted after the course is completed, but all paperwork must be submitted and approved by an RID approved sponsor before the completion of your current CMP cycle.

  1. Complete the application

  2. Complete the course. 

  3. Submit a copy of your transcript to the sponsor. You must earn a grade of a C or better to receive CEUs.


If the course is offered during a semester, the number of CEUs equals 1.5 per semester credit (i.e. a 3 credit course = 4.5 CEUs). If the course is offered during a quarter, the number of CEUs equals 1 per quarter credit (i.e. a 3 credit course = 3 CEUs).

Academic Coursework Application

Members of KYRID pay only $5 for a Academic Coursework application. Non members pay $25. Make sure you are logged in to take advantage of member pricing, or join KYRID today.

Independent Study

Independent Studies are the most flexible option available. Interpreters can engage in a self-designed educational experience to enhance skills or acquire knowledge in a specific area.

With guidance from a sponsor, individuals may design an independent study plan around many types of activities. 

Examples of events that could qualify for Independent Studies:

  • Research

  • Course instruction

  • Publications – writing articles for VIEWSthe Journal of Interpretation, or other publications

  • Study groups – with specific goals and outcomes

  • Multi-media instruction

  • Mentorship – both being mentored and mentoring

  • Literature review – RID offers many publications that work for this option

  • Self-study curriculum

Steps for Independent Studies

  1. Discuss your ideas with a sponsor approved for processing Independent Studies. The sponsor can help you work out a plan for what you would like to learn, the type of documentation required and the number of CEUs you can earn.  Independent Studies must include a final product to demonstrate learning, and a log of time spent on the various elements of the study.

  2. The sponsor will sign and approve the Independent Study Plan, and you may now begin work on the activity. Any work done before this point cannot earn CEUs. 

  3. Submit the documents that demonstrate proof of learning, the final result/product, and time log to the sponsor.

  4. After receiving all the documents outlined in the plan, the sponsor will fill out the Independent Study Activity Report and submit all required paperwork to RID.

Independent Study Form

For Independent Studies up to 0.5 CEUs (5 hours), members of KYRID pay $20 and non-members pay $40.

For Independent Studies above 0.5 CEUs (more than 5 hours), members of KYRID pay $30 and non-members pay $60.

Make sure you are logged in to take advantage of member pricing or join KYRID today.

CEU Processing Fees

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