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In this immersive workshop participants will embark on an exploration of ASL interpretation using the powerful tool of discourse analysis. Discourse analysis is a dynamic approach that delves beyond the surface-level words and signs, focusing on the rich context, cultural nuances, and pragmatic elements that underlie effective interpretation. Participants will explore both overt and covert discourse and communication features that can be recognized, accessed, and then utilized to increase dynamic message equivalence between two communicators. The facilitator will guide attendees through a series of interactive and thought-provoking sessions that promise to sharpen interpretation skills, with the goal of fostering growth that supports the communities interpreters serve.

Dec 1st and 2nd Workshop Registration

  • Jonathan Webb, facilitator, writer, activist, educator, and mentor started learning ASL in 1986 and began interpreting in 1993. He has specialized in working with Deaf persons utilizing Visual/Gestural Communication as well as Deaf persons considered monolingual, as a general practice interpreter. He has degrees in Interpreting, Liberal Arts, Deaf Education, and Theology, with post-doc work in Clinical Psychology. He has served at varying levels and in multiple capacities within the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and the field at large. Currently, Jonathan presides over YourVolution & Sign Enhancers Inc., serves as a freelance/IC interpreter, teaches at CSU-Northridge in the Deaf Studies department, and teaches/facilitates learning and practice in dialogic techniques in the context of social justice and consciousness development. Hobbies include ocean and beach time with family. 

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